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Are you tired of thinking?

"Men Are Stupid! Women Are Crazy!"

Are you frustrated, angry and confused about your relationship, your partner or yourself?

Are you about to pull your hair out because you don't understand what's going on in your relationship?

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Have you ever thought "Why are Men so Clueless and Stupid" or "Why are women so Crazy?" Are you tired of arguing? Are you tired of feeling alone because you don't have the connection and partnership you really crave?


We'd like to personally help you create the emotional, spiritual and physical intimacy you deserve and to do so are offering a FREE 30 minute phone consultation and for more information.


Using the Gottman Method, which is based on 40 years of research, I have successfully helped people re-connect with their partner by improving communication, reducing conflict and restoring friendship, fun and intimacy. Additionally, I teach couples how to manage finances and work together to get kids to raise their children.

Men and women want a good connection with one another, and truthfully, women generally want emotional and spiritual connection and men want physical connection. I'll show you how to get both!


To see if we're the right fit for you, we are offering a 30 minute FREE initial phone consultation.
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Research and The Gottman Method

According to research conducted by Drs. John and Julie Gottman from the University of Washington, the following behaviors are the Four Horsemen of a relationship apocalypse and are predictive of divorce:


1) Criticism: attacks upon another’s character
2) Defensiveness: denying responsibility and often responding with criticism
3) Contempt: expressing an insult
4) Stonewalled: Heart rate and muscle tension increases such that you feel the need to fight or flee.


When a person criticizes their partner, that is perceived as an attack by the partner (an attack persons character) and the partner often responds defensively and the criticizes right back. Often, this can ping pong back and forth until one person says something really mean or Contemptuous. This can be an insult and then these insults can ping pong back and forth and the interaction escalates till both persons are Stonewalled. This is to say that both persons are in Fight/Flight and the interaction can easily get out of control.


If these interactions are not addressed appropriately, the couple can become very disconnected. Once that disconnection process begins, the relationship is harder to repair. The sooner the couple gets help the better.


The Gottmans have developed a program and curriculum to help couples improve their communication and cooperation skills so they can restore the friendship, fun and intimacy. These skills can be taught, but it does take effort and practice.  


For a FREE 30 minute phone consultation and for more information about how couples counseling can help you resolve your relationship challenges, please call our office at 713-724-1821 or email us.


Let us show you how to resolve past hurts and resentments, and create a more loving, close, healthy relationship that can last a lifetime.

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