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About Us

Josue Maymi

First of all, let me tell you about my name.  It is from the Spanish language, as I am of Puerto Rican descent, and the pronunciation guide is ho-sway for my first name and my-me for my last name, with all vowels being long.  My first name is similar to the name Jose, which in English would be Joseph, while Josue translates to Joshua.

Origins of: “Men Are Stupid! Women Are Crazy!”


Many people ask me about how I came up with the phrases in the banner about men being stupid and women being crazy.  One day, I was talking with one of my best friends who said, as she often does, “Men are so stupid.” I responded with:  ”You know women are just as stupid and even crazy.”  Well after a few minutes of laughing about this, I came out with “Men are stupid and women are crazy.”  Think about it, how often have you said or heard something very similar?  Sometimes, men and women just don’t understand each other and all too often they play the blame game with each other.  That’s just not any fun.

Counseling Experience

Now, let me tell you a little bit about myself, my story and my work.  I have been practicing since 1993 and over that time I’ve listened to many clients express a lot of confusion, frustration, and anger about their partners.  Additionally, I’ve experienced my own personal heartbreak through thirty years of dating and three long term relationships.  Over that time, I’ve had many failed relationships and in my early thirties, I realized that there had to be a better way to create a loving and peaceful relationship without what a friend once called “trauma drama.”  So, I focused my time and energy into finding out what makes men tic, what makes women tic and how to have a great relationship.  Since discovering the knowledge and skills that I teach, I haven’t had a “failed” relationship, as I’m still good friends with most of the women I’ve dated and think very highly of them.

Over the past nineteen years of working in psychology, I have worked with a variety of people in various settings.  Right out of college, I worked in a psychiatric facility with children, adolescents and adults .  I then worked for four years on a research project with Baylor College of Medicine Family Practice Center studying the differences between nuclear and step families.  From there, I started my graduate training and simultaneously went to work for four years with the Mental Health Mental Retardation Authority of Harris County.  I assisted children and families, adult offenders and people who were impacted by the October 1994 flooding.  In 1996, I began work in private practice teaching stress and pain management, anger management and cooperation skills to injured workers.

My Formal Education

I have a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Religion from Houston Baptist University (1985) and a Master’s degree in Counseling from the University of Houston (1993).  Additionally, I participate in annual continuing education courses to update and expand my skills.

Personal Information

On the personal side, I live in Houston, Texas and I am an avid skier and runner, as I run all kinds of race distances including marathons. I very much enjoy movies, the arts, reading and sports:  Go Astros, Texans, Rockets, Dyanamo and Dash!  Oh, I have cats named Gracie and Tahoe and I love dogs too.

information about our other clinicians coming soon!

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