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Counseling and Coaching

“My girlfriend told me that if I didn’t go to counseling to address my anger issues, she’d break up with me. I didn’t want counseling, but I didn’t want to lose her either–I went and I’m so glad I did. Our relationship is better, I’m more peaceful and I’m happier than I’ve ever been.” Individual Counseling Client

“You are awesome. You will never know how much you touched my life. Thanks!”Individual Counseling Client

You have helped me so much through a rather difficult time…I am so grateful…You have taught me many lessons which I will use throughout my life.” Individual Counseling Client

“We are keeping your guiding principles in mind; they are enduringly constructive, comforting and wise. Please know how much we cherish your counsel and support.”Couple’s Counseling Client

“After only 3 months of . . . coaching . . . our son has brought home 2 report cards of all A’s and B’s with only 1 exception of 1 C during one of the two reporting periods! Wow! On top of all of this, we gained . . . a wonderful loving and working relationship where [our household] run[s] more consistently and smoothly. . . Words cannot express our gratitude in all that you have given us.” Parenting Coaching Client

“I know that I have grown and changed because I’m more outspoken at work and even my co-workers have noticed. I’m learning to take care of myself.” Group Coaching Participant

“[Josue] is . . . a caring person. [He presents himself] with ease that helps a person speak out.” Group Counseling Client

“I used one of the [conflict resolution] skills with my wife and it worked!” Group Coaching Client


Seminars and Lectures


“After [going to] many [relationship] classes, yours was the best of them all!” Sue D.

“We attended a number of seminars regarding relationships and this one is definately the best.” Harland D.

“Great know how on what we as men…need to know.” Tunji C., Seminar Participant

“Thank your for some great tips. I can see more clearly steps to a better relationship.”Kim W., Seminar Participant

“I came for a work relationship, dealing with an employee, but came away with so much more for my personal life!” Stacey M., Seminar Participant

“Fabulous insight…I wish it had been longer. I took lotsa notes so I can take as much with me as possible…” Erin C., Seminar Participant


“Great Information!!!” Mike C., Communication Lecture Participant

“Excellent–Very Informative–Thank you!” Tonya C., Seminar Participant

“It was great. Well expressed and entertaining with lots of enthusiasm.” Shena B., Communication Seminar Participant

“Great…seminar to the communication styles of men and women. Your easy style and humor is delightful and refreshing.” Brad W., Seminar Participant


“After reading this booklet, I realized I had to break up with my boyfriend.” Purchaser of Ten Qualities Booklet


“I have found the stress [management] booklet so helpful that I keep a supply of them on hand at all times for students in my school.” -Pat M., M.Ed., Guidance Counselor

“The concepts in your ‘adult/child booklet’ are truly insightful and will compel readers to strive to implement these strategies to better relate to one another.” Purchaser of Ten Qualities Booklet

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