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Trust Issues? Emotional or Physical Affair?

Infidelity? We Can Help.


  • Recently Discovered – or Strongly Suspect – Your Partner is/was Having a Physical or Emotional Affair

An affair traumatizes a relationship. The injured person often becomes hyper vigilant and any reminder of the affair can cause the person to experience “flashbacks.” For example, a thought, sound, sight or sensation can cause the injured person to be reminded of the affair and the person may respond by asking questions (interrogating) or distancing, due to anger and hurt, and by needing reassurance. These reminders can occur at any time even when things may be going well with the couple.


The participating person my attempt to deflect any questions the injured person presents and say such things like: “It’s in the past, why are you bringing this up now, let’s just keep moving forward.” The participating person is also traumatized and realizes that the affair hurt their partner. The person feels guilty and doesn’t want to hurt the partner or themselves any more.


The longer the affair remains unaddressed, the more disconnection occurs between the couple. Therefore, You Should Take Action to Rebuild Trust Before it and the relationship Gets Any Worse.


In our 10+ years of experience, the actions which result in themost effective and longest-lasting results are Relationship Counseling


Recovery from a violation of trust – the foundation of a healthy relationship – is a complex process.


We can show you how to:

  • process your anger and hurt constructively

  • understand what relationship dynamics allowed this to occur

  • rebuild trust, commitment and friendship

  • re-connect in a way that feels physically and emotionally safe to both parties

To make an appointment for a FREE initial phone session, please call 713-724-1821.
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