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Relationship counseling

      Fighting all the time?


Are you and your partner constantly bickering?  What happened to that initial attraction and connection?  How can you find it again?

Relationships are hard!  After years of hearing women say “men are stupid” and men saying “women are crazy,” we developed an approach to help you stop bickering and create the intimate connection you both really want and crave.

Let us help you create a fun, loving and truly fulfilling relationship!

CALL 713-724-1821 for a FREE 30 minute phone consultation.

When there’s too much conflict in a relationship, people feel frustrated, angry, lonely and empty deep within themselves.  Yet, both men and women want a fun and loving connection with their partner.

We have found that women usually crave emotional and spiritual connection while men prefer a physical connection.  No wonder there’s conflict!

We often find poor strategies like sarcasm or insults and fighting about finances, disciplining children, sharing chores and (of course) sex. This is no ordinary relationship therapy:  you can tell by the very name of this system!  It was developed by founder Josue Maymi, based on his own background and working with hundreds of couples.  This can actually be fun!  Learn strategies to handle finances, discipline kids as a team, cooperate together, and connect with your partner intellectually, emotionally, spiritually and physically.

Maybe you’ve gone through a tough patch:  this approach can help both partners deal with the pain and betrayal of infidelity, helping them find their way to the healing and forgiveness that needs to take place.

Looking for that perfect mate?  Start with us to adapt strategies to create great dating relationships and gracefully end relationships that aren’t meeting your needs.

Intrigued?  Let’s see if this is the right fit for you. 


Call now for FREE initial consultation:  713-724-1821.

You deserve to have an intimate and supportive relationship.

All services provided in English and Spanish.

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